Monday, July 24, 2017


Drug store makeup for dark skin girls has always been difficult to find. Do these cosmetic companies know that?

The darkest shades have always came in a carmel or mocha. Most colors from the cosmetics companies for dark skin girls were either to red of an under tone, too light, or created a ashy pale look.

I am very happy to now say L'oreal has really stepped their game up with more realistic colors. Colors for dark skin women now range in Deep Warm to Espresso.


Other cosmetics companies like Revlon has also followed suit.


I went to a few CVS and Target stores and not every store stocks a full range of colors for dark skin women. You have to let the purchasing manger of your local store know that it's in demand.

Remember it's best to buy a shade darker for summer and one for the winter.

Enjoy and comment below to share your thoughts.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Lancome is one of my favorite cosmetics, beauty companies. During a visit to Sephora, my beauty expert suggested that I try the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Face Serum. The beauty serum was to maintain my skin's texture, to prevent future wrinkles and to even out some discoloration that I had.

At the time during of my visit, the formula felt amazing. I purchased a 1.7 fluid ounce. Believing this would replace what I was already using (Prevage Face Serum). Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

The following day I had a huge pimple on my face and every day after I would get a new one. I used this product once in the morning and again at night as I was instructed to do by the beauty expert.

My face had such a horrible allergic reaction to the point my pimples felt tender and would pop at the wrong time, either bleeding or oozing puss through my make up.

After Four days

I know, why didn't I just discontinue to use this product sooner? Because I was familiar with this brand and really wanted to give it a chance.

I contacted the beauty expert at Sephora and was told I could do a few things to resolve the problem I was experiencing.

1. Dial is back and use every other day
2. Used once a day
3. Discontinue using the product.

I decided to discontinue using this product and returned it. This particular product from Lancome did't work for me but I do continue to use other products from this company without any problems.

I paid $115 for a 1.7 fluid ounce and for me, with that price I should've woken up looking Beyonce flawless. I wasn't willing to risk my face to be dedicated to this product when there are many other products I could use with better results and for a lesser price.

Have you used Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Face Serum? Comment and share below.

I saw, I tried, I discontinued.  \_(^ o ^)_/

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Wet N Wild Mattifying Powder - A852 "Matte About You"

 The Wet N Wild Mattifying Powder is a very light weight solid translucent setting powder. I apply this powder right before my foundation to lock in my moisturizer and primer.  I use this as my "powder before foundation method" that I learned from YouTuber Wayne Gross.

Link Below:

I always have this on hand as my touch up blotting powder throughout the day. I don't like to reapply my same color match finishing powder, to avoid that cakey look.

This does wonders with oil control and a little goes a long way. It does not give a ashy finish and will not create a mess.

$ 4.79 at CVS
$ 4.99 at Target

Monday, July 17, 2017


Beauty tip of the day.

I was skeptical before I tried the oil cleaning method, since my skin is oily and I wasn't sure it would work for me.

The basic idea of oil cleaning is to trick your skin to thinking it has already reproduced enough oil. One of the basic principals of chemistry with skin is that oil dissolves oil. 

Always use a natural organic oil. Simply apply one coat and massage into the skin then rinse. Apply a second coat, rinse twice and pat dry. You typically won't need to use a moisturizer after but if you're like me, I follow every wash with a toner then re-moisturize after. 

You will feel weird at first and might have a slight breakout the first week until your skin gets used to the new routine. 

Your skin will no longer feel dehydrated and won't over compensate. 

Friday, July 14, 2017


My top 10 beauty rules

Rule 1. Always wash your face and or makeup off. Once in the morning and once at night. It doesn't matter how tired, drunk or sick you are wash your face. 

Rule 2. Always brush and floss your teeth. You may think you're pretty but nothing is worst then talking to someone with tartar between their teeth and bad breath. A tongue scrape won't hurt either. 

Rule 3. Do your hair. Fake it if you have to. Tie it up, splash water on it but at least run a brush through it. You could even put a few bobby pins or accessories pieces in your hair to give the impression that you care about your appearance. 

Rule 4. No matter what always do your eyebrows. Even just to hit the grocery store.

Rule 5. Wear mascara. A few simple coats will brighten the eyes and do the trick

Rule 6. Apply bronzer or a shimmer anywhere you possibly can. To your face, arms, legs even the toes. You will be amazed at the positive reaction you get from people.

Rule 7. Wear accessories. Even if you went to take the trash out, rock a beaded turban. While making breakfast add a head scarf with a brooch.

Rule 8. Always use a toner, serum and moisturizer. If you're unsure which is best for you, stop by Sephora and have a beauty consultant create a routine for you. Go back a million times if you have to until you get it right. Sephora has an excellent return policy and tons of free sample you can try out.

Rule 9. Always have well groom nails and feet. They don't have to be polished, just clean and neat.

Rule 10. Wear the proper under garment. The correct size bra,  underwear, girdle, and (optional )  stockings.  This will give you a much smoother classy look. No matter your age, a muffin top is a muffin top. You don't want to look sloppy. Also, did you know while wearing stocking, you have a greater possiblily of being respected by others.

NOTES: Remember these are MY beauty rules. Set 10 beauty rules for yourself. I myself believe in shimmer, stockings ( even in the heat) and make up.

Please leave a comment or share your top 10 beauty rules.  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I used to use Ponds Cold Cream many years ago. I decided to discontinue this product only because of the first ingredient mineral oil, which I was told was extremely harmful. I tossed my bottle immediately and began to use natural products.

A few years go by, and I began to notice on YouTube so many women raving about this cold cream as an excellent moisturizer and make-up remover.

I had to do some research and honestly, I truly wanted to revisit this product after seeing thousands of reviews.

First I found:

Mineral Oil is a safe, highly effective occlusive and emollient moisturizer that softens skin and locks in hydration.

Is the mineral oil percentage that high to cause harm? No
I wanted to just stop worrying about every little thing and do what was best for me so I purchased a new bottle.

Every night before bed I apply a quarter size scoop ( you can use less, but I like to cake that baby on) of Ponds Cold Cream and message it into my face for approximately 40 seconds.

I then use a face wipe to get rid of some of the product but you can use a warm face cloth.


I then wash my face with my normal face wash and finish my routine. 

I've noticed my face is incredibly softer and my waterproof make-up just glides off. This product will now be a staple in my nightly routine.

Comments below with any questions or thoughts. Smooches  XoXo


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Sunday's would be the best time to bid on an ebay auction in my opinion.

Today I received two Alexis Bittar pieces I won and another special piece.


Alexis Bittar Earrings Cost: $26.00 + $2.99 Shipping
Ebay Seller: 445wifi

Alexis Bittar Necklace Cost $28.00 + 2.99 Shipping
Ebay Seller: 445wifi

Vintage Pink Rose Porcelain Necklace Cost: 6.49 + Shipping $3.25
Ebay Seller: heavenlyflowerjewelry

Both ebay sellers has excellent ebay feedback and amazing prices.

Alexis Bitter could cost in the hundreds, so to find this seller I was beyond happy.

My rose porcelain necklace is a gorgorous time pieces that I can't take my eyes off.

Both sellers ships super fast and provided very professional packaging.

I can't wait to walk the street in my best Dominique Deveraux strut.  (*_*)

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