Monday, September 22, 2014



Between the ages of 12-14, I would constantly get cold sores. They would go away and always come back years later. Once I figured out a hygiene and daily mult-vitamin regimen they went away for good. I developed tiny scars from year of picking at my sores. No one else would ever notice them but I always could see they were there.

I went through so much money trying to find the best creams and lotions to remove my scars. Nothing ever worked.
But after doing tons of research I found a gel for removing scars. To my surprise, Merderma Scar Gel has been the only thing that's rid me of those annoying scars on my face. I would wear it like lip gloss until my scar were completely gone. It took me only 3 weeks to see results.

1. Buy the generic brand because it has the exact same ingredients and cheaper.
2. Make the most out of the gel and create a DIY lip balm

Disclosure: I am not a doctor or claim to be. Consult a doctor before trying this and stop using the product if your skin becomes irritated.

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