Thursday, September 18, 2014



I am a women who wears many hats. I run a business, write my beauty blogs, volunteer and try to create a sexy exciting life with my man. I can remember modeling in Vegas and running around jumping from audition to audition. At the end of the day I would be very sweaty. One day I had so many auditions in one day that I couldn't keep up and I dint want to look winded or have a bad body order. Not having time to pull over to refresh, I did what I thought was the next best thing and sometimes I still do daily.

After being at auditions all day, I arrived to my third one at 3pm. The bathroom was full of girls changing and I had still had two more auditions after this one. I had no time to clean myself up, so I had to act fast. I reached into my bag, pulled out my solid deodorant, wiped it clean and did a few swipes where I felt un fresh. I did a swipe in my inner thighs, upper part of my vagina, between my breast, the back of my neck and under my arms. It took only 30 seconds and yes it made a big difference. I didn't feel insecure and I actually didn't sweat as much or at least felt like I wasn't.

After that tough day, I thought why not start off the day with applying deodorant not in just one place, but at least 7 places.

Directions: Swipe upper left and right thigh, swipe left and right vagina lips (not to close to the inner part), swipe upper vagina and other places you sweat.

Recommendations: Use a solid. the formula is better and creates a smoother feeling.

Disclosure: I am not a doctor nor claim to be consult your doctor before trying and do not place in or to close toy your vagina to prevent a yeast infection or irritation in some cases.

Comment below and tell me if you tried this!


  1. When I was a dancer, we would do this after shaving as well to reduce razor burn and sweat

  2. Glad I'm not the only chick that is worried about sweaty personal areas after LOONNNGGG days being away from home. I usually bring an extra pair of underpants so I can put on the fresh pair I. The middle of the day. Unfortunately you have to keep the not-so-fresh ones in ur bag til u get home and pray they don't fall out while u r pulling something out of ur bag!!!! The deodorant idea sounds good. I'm gonna try it , but for me, applying AROUND vag sounds good, but I do r want to do the actual vag (especially since I don't have a Brazillian wax!). Keep the great blogs coming.