Sunday, November 29, 2015

What To Order From McDonalds When Trying To Be Healthy

If you are in a rush and dieting and want to eat healthy. It's ok to stop by a McDonalds. It's all about what you order that's going to make the difference.

Whenever I find myself in a rush or have no time to prepare my meal. I stop by a McDonalds and order: 
1. Two pieces of grilled chicken
2. Two pieces of tomato slices
3. Two cups of water with lemon

This will fill you up and keep you on track. Is less then 200 calories and you'll feel great about yourself. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Never Touch A Persons Hair

Under no circumstances do you ever touch a women's hair! 
Same rule apply to any body part and pregnant women belly's. It's called personal space. 

People actually think it's ok or funny. It happens a lot to black women. People get so curious and just because you asked don't expect a yes. 

Don't touch! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hat Rack

I looked just about everywhere for a reasonably priced hat rack. I was feed up after looking at target, ikea, home goods and a few other places. Each store had really expensive hat racks. I then had an idea to try a few display stores that I normally shop at for my boutique.

To my surprise the prices were a little better. If you want to do a vanity room or  for a shop/boutique I highly suggest a fixture display store. I still wasn't happy with the price so I decided to ask for a used one. 

I got this hat rack for $10 at The Main Fixture Display Store downtown LA. I paid $3.50 for spray paint. I use the Vaslpar brand because it already has primer mixed with your paint.

It was a fun and easy project. Remember anything can be brought back to life with some good paint.