Sunday, February 28, 2016



I would like to start by saying my mother, father and sister is a leo. I have met tons of leo's and it never fails that their personally is usually the same.

One thing about a leo is that they talk to damn much! Not only are their stories long as hell but they often repeat themselves and some how end up being the hero in the story.

They truly think that they know everything and is never wrong. It's rare for them to say sorry. If and when you ever hear them say it, it's only for show but in their mind they wasn't wrong just saying it to the audience.

Leo's can be flamboyant. They love to brag about the materialistic things they own, their success, or how amazing of a person they are. Leo's do love their family and will help but that family memeber better praise them for doing so and make it known to everyone that they helped.

Leo's love and believe in God and will give him the praise but in the same breath you wouldn't know it from them gossiping and talking shit about a persons life and how they should live it, the way a person dress and the decisions that person is making which may not be the way they would have done things. Leo's are truly a jealous breed. The advice a leo person will give you will be very harsh and they will make you feel stupid for even going through the situation you're in. If you have more then a leo, they will either be your friend to make them look good by association. If a leo feels threaten by you they will act fake and pretend to like you so expect unnecessary bitterness and shots towards you or they will simply hate your guts and won't speak to you.

leo's are extremely sensitive and insecure. They will channel that energy into work and you will find them working as a boss or leader. As bosses they can be difficult to work with because of their sharp tongue and back handed compliments. Talk soft and compliment them often and they will protect and love you forever.

If a leo loves you they will spoil you and spend any amount of money on you. If you look good then they look good. Remember it's all about them.

* Leo men loves the company of many women so expect to share his time. He feels entitle to have them all in his life.

* Leo women can be bossy with their man so expect them to be that single friend or in a loveless marriage telling you, you can do better. (Sip your wine and let it go in one ear and out the other) unless he has a lot of money then she will tell you to hang in there and stay.

If you have a leo has a parent, friend or want to date one be prepare to do a lot of praising and make everything about them. EVERYTHING!

Friday, February 26, 2016


DilussoTrends has the hottest most elegant maxi dresses.

Adorable and chic. Prices range from $23.99 to $78.99

DilussoTrends also has accessories, jumpsuits, the versatile 6 way scarves, handbags and so much more. 

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Snack Idea Before And After A Workout

A great snack that you could eat before and after a workout. Its easy to make and you could take with you.

1 whole cucumber with the skin peeled and cut into slices.
5 Slices of jalapeños to speed up your metabolism.

The cucumber is a diuretic and that helps push out toxins from your body.
The jalapeños adds a kick and helps speed up the metabolism.

How To Get Your Deodorant To Last Longer

A simple trick I use to make my deodorant last longer is simple. After I take a shower I wipe down my arm pits down with which hazel. Allow the which hazel to dry for a few second then apply deodorant. 

Some Witch Hazels have either Aloe Vera or a Rose Water combination which helps with extra sensitive skin.

Witch hazel can be purchased at any drug store but the ones that has the Aloe Vera or Rose Water mix are more likely to found at a Whole Foods, Target or The Vitamin Shop. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016


I like to consider myself as a professional shopper. Lol

Trying to keep up with the latest trends or my favorite celebrities can be very expensive. 

Try not to impulse buy. When you see a shoe you just have to have, ask the store clerk the name of the shoe. You will be suprised that you could get the exact same looking shoe but for the fraction of the cost.

DSW, Jessica Simpson, Micheal Kors, Forever 21 and many others all make dupes of the higher end brand. 

Unless you're a label whore, getting the look should be the priority. 


My favorite makeup line Ben Nye has release 3 new really cool shimmers.


Shimmers are good for high lighting your favorite areas.

Cheek bones 
Arms And Legs

Depending on your skin tone, for a noticeable look you would want to pick a shimmer that pops.

Pale skin tone - Cameo
Fair skin tone - Banana
Deeper skin tone- Bronze

My favorite is the bronze. I can't go a day with out rocking my shimmer. 

Recommendation: buy a smaller container so it will last longer and you could have a few back ups to travel with or place in different locations like the car or office. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Make up is so much fun to wear. There is a time and a place to wear a lot and very little.

I like to create a special look that I wear while I'm spending time with my boyfriend. My look is very subtle and natural. Guys don't like the over done look all the time. It's ok if there's a special occasion or event but not everyday.

I recommend concealer or a light tinted foundation cream, finishing powder, a dap of blush, mascara and lightly fill in your brows.

Here is two of my favorite boyfriend looks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Two beauty tips you must do for the summer to stay fly is the natural shimmer look.

You don't have to wear much make up during the summer but you definitely want to look your best.

Tip 1. Where foundation with a SPF of 15 or more with a finishing powder and shimmer. You want to rock a sun kiss shimmer look so choose shimmers in gold or metallics. If foundation is to much for you then use a concealer pen around the eyes and any other areas that my have discoloration.

Tip 2. Where foundation with a SPF of 15 or more on your feet. The same steps you would do on your face, you'll do for your feet. You can use the same foundation that you use for your face or buy a separated one that you use only for your feet. When it comes to feet, you don't have to buy an expensive brand when choosing a foundation, finishing powder or shimmer.

Create a kit for both. This tip also works with legs and arms.

Be Gloalicious!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


There is a new bra that has a nude racer back and a lace deep plunge front. In connects in the front and has great support.

The only place that I've seen these type of bras and where you can purchase them is on the website called There is a few different styles to choose from and the price ranges from $33.00 to $99.00.

Disclamer: I do not sell these bras. you can purchase them on the link below.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Did you just get your hair done and now you've notice your beautiful locks are now dry?

 This trick will work on real hair and hair extensions but first lets get to the rules.

Rule #1. Treat your fake hair like your real hair.

Rule #2. Buy the drug store brand for the extensions and salon brands for your real hair.

Ok now that the rules have been established lets get started.

The reason why your hair extensions is so dry is because it needs serum. Not a lotion or a cream but a serum. When you began to do your hair weather its flat iron, curling or brushing. Start out with a serum. I like to use the serums that is also a heat protecter.

Your hair needs moisture everyday like a plant needing water. My recommendation would be to wash your hair once or twice a week. You don't want to have build up.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


In some cities like New York, you can find co-op restrooms in bars and in some restaurants. Today people are coming out and becoming more comfortable with being transgender or wanting to be unidentified.

In California a new law has been purpose to schools, bars, restaurants and many government buildings to have unisex restrooms.

 I do believe in family restrooms like the ones offered in places like ikea. Both parents should be allowed to tend to their children. fathers with their daughters makes this a great idea.

Please allow me to tell you why this is NOT a good idea for adults where there is no children present.

Have you ever went to a bar and just wanted to get away from the guy who bought you a few drinks? Have you ever wanted to call a cab to get away from a crazy date? Have you ever wanted girl time to freshen up and chat with girlfriends? Ok try doing that with a man standing next you, a man you don't know or trying to get away from. It is an uncomfortable feeling.

27% of women have been sexually assaulted in co-op restaurant. Some don't report it because they were to drunk to identified the guy or to embarrassed.

If a man wanted to dress as a women and use a women's restroom then fine, I doubt he's in there to rape another women because he himself identify his self as being a women. Men should not be allowed in a women's restroom and vise versa. Image having your little girl with you out to lunch and a man walks in while you're trying to adjust her clothes. Image you allow your child (any age) to go to the restroom alone and the opposite sex comes in and does something to your child.

I don't go to places where there is co-op restrooms because I find it to be unsafe and bothering.

I believe there should always be an preference option.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


If you want fuller looking lashes in minutes with out breaking the bank try this really cool trick.

This works for special events, vacation trips, work,  and if you really just don't want to apply fake lashes but still want to achieve a simi va va voom look.

The trick is to add corn starch or baby powder to your lashes. Just like you would a primer. I like to use an old mascara brush dipped in castor oil. (You can use water) and (A Q tip).

Castor oil is good for maintaining healthy hair follicles on the body and aids in it's growth.

Use a super duper small amount of castor oil (or water), less then a dime size. Dip your powder of choice unto the palm of your hand or container. mix the two together and apply.

Let set for 15 seconds then apply your mascara freely.

There are tons of instructional videos on youtube on how to do.

* ModaMod shows a great video on youtube if you need a visual.  

Monday, February 1, 2016


The latest trends now days is to have a fuller body. People such as the kardashians have made altering your body very popular. Though they won't admit it. There are way to inhance your body without the surgery.

One way to inhance your breast is to get fillers.

Depending on weather you had a baby and want them fuller again or just going up one size. 

The price range from $2900 to $3500. I recommend doing your research on a cosmetic surgery Doctor first. Make sure the doctor is familiar with the procedure and has proform at least 100 filler treatments. You don't want to have lobby  boobs.