Friday, March 18, 2016


If a person suffers from depression and/or anxiety should they take or need medication?

I asked this question to a few older ladies at my church and the answer was no and the solution for depressant and/or anxiety was to pray about it. The ladies explained to me that depression and anxiety comes from a lack of faith. 

Ok but what if the person felt suicidal or can't help having panic attacks throughout the day? The answer was still nope, go somewhere and mediate and pray.

It wasn't that shocking to hear because some religions and even some countries don't believe in taking medication. It is more acceptable to use herbs and for serious cases a healer will teach you a daily  meditation routine. 

I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ. I have strong faith and I also believe God has place medication to help those who need it. To me it doesn't matter if you're dealing with cancer, mental illness or the flu. When you pray God doesn't say don't go to CVS my child come to me instead. 

There are some people who can fight off just about anything with their mind, meditation and yes prayer but there are some people who can't and need a little help which is ok.

More or less people feel embarrassed to ask for mental help. It is a lot more difficult for people who are popular or with leadership roles. Rather, some of those people end up doing other illegal drugs or over drinking their problems away.

In my opinion it's ok to do what you got to do to get better as long as you're not hurting anyone else then do you. 

Be kind to others, you never know what their dealing with. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I use avocado oil as my secret weapon after a facial or being in the sun all day. I know some people use Aloe Vera and that helps to but there is nothing like an essential oil to bounce your skin back to it's youthful self.

Question: What if I have oily skin?
Answer: Mix into your moisturizer or a cream

The benefits of avocado oil for your skin (Top 5)

1. Helps prevents the skin from fine lines and wrinkles cause by stress, aging and free radicals.
2. Helps retain water in your skin
3. Instantly reliefs severe dry skin
4. Reverse the signs of sun damage skin and age marks in a few weeks
5. Fades hyper pigmentation and soften stretch marks

I don't recommend applying any oils to your skin in the morning even on a dull day. This could cause more damage and will trick your skin to thinking it's tanning and will create a rubber like feel to your skin in the future.

I recommend after you get home and your in for the night, take a warm shower (after showing is the best time to apply any oil, cream or moisturizer) apply avocado oil all over your body and face. You should note that it is an oil and could get messy so wear an old tee shirt and sweats. If you have to go the bed and theres still oil left that hasn't obsorbed into your skin,  apply lotion or cream and rub in well.

At first the avocado oil will feel heavy when you first start applying to your face. Remember all you need is a very small amount and rub in well.

The vitamin shop and whole foods both carry avocado oil.
Price ranges from $9.99 to $12.99. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Is it ok for a women to cut or change her hair without her mans permission?

One day my sister Magen and I were in her bathroom and she was showing me her new hair care products. My sister then told me she just cut her hair into the style she was wearing. I asked her if she  asked her husband if she could cut her hair before she did it and did he approve? I never saw someone so upset. She explained to me that he doesn't consult her every time he gets a hair cut so why should she?

I am an old fashion women and I have always believed if you were going to do a dramatic change that you should at least consult your partner. Trying to clam her down I explain to her in my opinion that her husband gets the same hair cut since meeting her but if he wanted to go bold or rock a mohawk would he have to ask her or can he just come home that way?

I have asked a few ladies their thoughts on this subject and 80% said ask while the 20% got offended and turned into a equal rights super shero.

I have some black friends who went natural and their boyfriends/husbands hates it. Most men have a type so could you blame him for looking at a women who looks like the old you?  One day I ask my boyfriend if I could go blonde, he said no. He met me with long dark straight hair. He doesn't like blondes, the natural look or bangs. I showed him some throwback pictures of me with blonde hair and he hated it. So you have to ask yourself why would you do something to turn your man off or sabotages your  relationship?

I don't like guys with the shaved bold look, it gives me the killer pervert uncle creeps so my man can't go bold.

At the end of the day it's our decision. Out of respect I think it would be kind to ask your partner. Believe it or not but same goes for weight and attitude. If one or two of those things change from the time you met your man there might be an issue.

Before the "If he really loves you he wouldn't care speech". I Think if you really love and respect him you would ask his opinion and respect his input.

What would you do? Change without asking him or do your thang?

This topic can also be reversed towards him.

Smooches XOXO

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I really love maxi dresses, jumpsuits and most of all a banging two piece set.

 Two piece sets are so easy to just put on and go without dealing with the stress and worry if you're matching or what to wear. My favorite two piece set right now is the "Bam" set by Dilussotrends. I've worn it as a cover up by the pool and to the club. It comes in white or fuchsia and I definitely recommend getting both.

The 'Bam" two piece set can be purchased in store or on Dilussotrends website (click the link below) for only $43.99. If you are in the LA area and want to avoid shipping cost and try this bad boy on for yourself, you can check out Dilussotrends boutique Downtown Burbank CA. It's on the left hand side inside the 1928 shop.

3412 W. Magnolia Blvd
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