Thursday, April 28, 2016


I wanted to share this amazing salad dressing that was offered to me at a seder. I am a big fan of basanic vingettret dressings but this one you have to try!

I took one bite and I was like omg this is the best dressing I ever had. My taste buds was jumping with joy. It was the perfect blend of ingretants and I know I had to make this a staple in my kitchen.

The dressing is made by Marie Calendars. I purchased the dress at my local Vons for $3.99 each. Give is a trying on salads, raw veggies and wraps and you too will be hooked.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


There are many reasons why we should remain having a men's room and a ladies room. I understand that the times are changing and we now have a transgender community in our society.

For example: If you are a man and want to be identified as a man with the factors of how you're presenting yourself. Not just a man wearing make like a beauty make up guru but a male who is living as a women.

Who wants a big harry man walking in on your 10 year old daughter at a restaurant or theme park. Once you vote yes it will apply to all public places.

There should be no transgender bathroom if you're living as the opposite sex. Just go to the bathroom that you are presenting your self as. no one is trying to take away their rights but underling there are creeps out there that will take advantage of the situation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


As a little girl my mother and older sisters was our hair stylist. We did have much money so we would wash and style our hair at home. They would have to hold my head up or sometimes if I needed a good wash I would have to hold my own head up. I remember the neck pain to this day. Here is a creative way and cool trick when washing your child's hair at home.

Use a pool noodle to protect your child's neck for this wash days

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Ive always been a big fan of head pieces. Head pieces are so stylish for festivals, pool parties and adding spunk to your day.

Head pieces are so easy to make with just any chain and some creatively. I like to use old or broken necklaces. I pin down with a few bobby pins and go.


A great way to have more space and to declutter your life is to add stylist hooks. It's super easy and take about 30 mins.

I was going to buy a hat stand but it seemed to bulky. I went to Ikea and found these bathroom hooks instead.
Imagine the many ways you could use hooks. I have hooks in my beauty room, kitchen, pretty much everywhere in my house and business.

$2.99 for the small hooks
$19.99 for the strip hooks

You will need to purchase long screws and a screw driver. I did by hand no drill.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Deal Of The Day

Aldo is having a sale on handbags. Most bags are now 50% off in stores.

This bag was originally $55.00 dollars, I paid $27.50 ( with tax $29.98)

This bag is a true statement piece and a beauty. I was able to fit my wallet, cell phone and small make up bag inside. This bag has two large inside compartments, one inside zipper change pocket, three inside pockets for lip gloss and other fun girly stuff. It is very similar to the chanel flap boy bag. 

Purchased from Aldo inside the Burbank mall in Burbank, CA.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Dream blend make up has been around for many years. It was only used at one point for burn victims after corrective surgery.

Years later make up artists would use Derma Blend to cover unwanted tattoos on models on photo shoots.

Today Derma Blend is and can be worn daily. Not only does Derma Blend cover so well, there is no need to layer this product with concealer or underline with orange, green make up corrector.

If you can't afford or don't want to correct any skin issues this product will do the trick.  

Derma Blend also has a setting spray for those who wear this product under work clothes.

Q: Where can you find Derma Blend?
A: Macy's, Bloomingdales or high end department stores. 

Below is a direct link to the Derma Blend website. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016


As a young girl I remember going to church and watching the other classy ladies quieting letting each other know if their slip was showing underneath their dress. I can still hear it today " girl pull your dress down, your slip is showing".

Now days some women think it's ok to wear sheer dresses and not understanding it draws the wrong attention. Even if thats the latest trends, just think about how sexy and classy it would be to add a nude or flesh color slip under that outfit. If you can't find one that fits, try taking (your) skin color fabric to the cleaners and have the person that does alteration sew a slip into the dress.

While shopping I have heard women saying I love the dress but it's to sheer. Then wear a slip underneath! Simple fix.

Please note: If you're going for the sheer look then do you. This post is about keeping it classy and for those wanting to cover up.

Dress the way you want to be address.


Friday, April 1, 2016


Scape boxes have been around for ages. It was something you would often pare with old ladies and mothers capturing family memories. Scrap boxes has been taken to another level for making beauty gurus, bloggers and artist lives so much easier with storing tools and products. You can create and build a traditional box of your own with just a few supplies from hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Micheals Craft Store.

I am using a DIY version of a scrap box but as I become more creative I am running out of space and storage. I wanted a section for my sewing kit, jewelry making tools and my personal gift creations.

Were there such a box big enough? Yes!

The Original Scrap Box Company has been making custom boxes for many years and now the company has over 50 styles to choose from. You might not need the whole box just a few add on accessories.

The EZ View Box 2.0
From $575.00

The pictures below are just a few of my favorite boxes that will soon be in my home.

The Work Box 2.0
From $995.00

Take a look for yourself and see if one of these delightful boxes can help you in any way. Be creative.