Saturday, April 2, 2016


As a young girl I remember going to church and watching the other classy ladies quieting letting each other know if their slip was showing underneath their dress. I can still hear it today " girl pull your dress down, your slip is showing".

Now days some women think it's ok to wear sheer dresses and not understanding it draws the wrong attention. Even if thats the latest trends, just think about how sexy and classy it would be to add a nude or flesh color slip under that outfit. If you can't find one that fits, try taking (your) skin color fabric to the cleaners and have the person that does alteration sew a slip into the dress.

While shopping I have heard women saying I love the dress but it's to sheer. Then wear a slip underneath! Simple fix.

Please note: If you're going for the sheer look then do you. This post is about keeping it classy and for those wanting to cover up.

Dress the way you want to be address.


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