Monday, June 27, 2016


How to have the braid look without sitting in the chair for hours.

Braids are very fashionable. Braids are considered to be one of the best protective styles for hair growth. Individual braids can take up to 6 to 8 hours to install until now.

The latest new wig trend is the "Braid Wig"

This wig has over a hundred individual braids already made. You no longer have to sit in a chair for hours. You now have two options for applying this wig.

Option One: Tie hair back into a bun and place the wig over with a few bobby pins for extra security.

Option Two: Braid hair down into 6 to 8 corn rolls and apply the wig on either sewing it down unto the corn rolls or bobby pins.

These two options are a fraction of the time and healthier for your locks.

I've seen a few cheap braid wigs at my local urban beauty supply store, but I recommend buying a higher quality braid wig for a more realistic look.

Check out the page Tresses_by_dresses_ng on Instagram. I believe you can purchase from their direct page or WhatsApp 08032022121. Pin 7BFA8F25

What a great vacation or gym wig.


Hello Dolls,

I would like to introduce you to my two new favorite pair of heels.

The Haute Vice in cognac color
Price $38.99
Easy adjustable laces with a super high heel. I love to pair these heels with my boyfriend jeans or shorts. I strut with every step feeling like Naomi Campbell.

The Major Heat in olive green color
Price $41.99
A tight fit but very comfortable. I love to pair these heels with a jumpsuit or midi dress. I feel to sleek and sexy.

Both purchased on
Free shipping on all order over $75

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Recipe for white chicken chili

White chicken chili is the perfect substitute for regular chili and far more healthier. My boyfriend's mother told me about this chili after he had his teeth whiten and had to stick to all white foods for 48 hours. I was running out of meal options and this was perfect and taste so good.

Here is the short cut version but feel free to make any products from scratch.


1. Bake chicken already made in the deli department of the grocery store. Not frozen or refrigerated but the fresh oven baked chicken made daily
2. One can of white beans
3. One small can of corn
4. Cut up one half of a yellow and orange bell pepper
5. One pack of white chick chili seasoning (found is the season aisle next to the taco seasoning)


Step 1. Shred the chicken to small pieces, place over heat in a pot. (Do Not Use Oil)
Step 2. Add white beans
Step 3. Add corn
Step 4. Add bell peppers
Step 5. Add white chicken seasoning
Step 6. Mix well
Step 7. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes

Ready and server!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


A fun and cool event to attend.

DilussoTrends is a small boutique owned by Jhannet Johnson. 

On the last Friday of every month, Ms. Jhannet has a party in her boutique. Enjoy food trucks, live music, games, animals and complementary wine. 

Location: 3601 Magnolia Blvd Burbank CA 91505

Time: 5pm To 10pm 

Support and shop small. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Sheer bodysuits has hit the fashion scene by storm. I have seen them sold by many boutiques, but was too afraid to purchase one. I wouldn't dare wear one in public but I really wanted one.

I saw a picture of BeyoncĂ© rocking a sheer bodysuit and it just clicked. I could wear one underneath shorts or a short summer dress. 

BeyoncĂ© is keeping it classy. I love this fashion style and now I can rock any sheer outfit with now knowing how to add layers. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


How to get pearly white teeth, no matter what you eat or drink is really simple and an easy trick you can do at home.Your teeth will also stay white and look movie star ready.

What I do to have super white teeth, I use two different tooth paste. I Use my favorite tooth paste at the moment but I also add arm and hammer truly radiant whitening booster.

I brush for up to 2 mins twice a day. Sometimes I brush to a song if I really want a deep clean.

Myth: Do Not use hydrogen peroxide. Many people have told me that's what they do but in fact it only pushes the gum line back and can cause serious problems later on.

Instead use a regular mouth wash. Arm and hammer truly radiant booster has a mouth wash but anyone will do.

Its also very important to floss and see a dentist at least twice a year for a professional cleaning. There is nothing more gross then to see someone with tarter build up.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

HEEL OF THE DAY 6-14-2016

Heel of the day goes to the sexy "Risky Behavior" by Lolashoetique.

Every fashionista must own a pair of olive color stilettos. I purchase these for $31.99 on the website and picked them up downtown LA while running errands. The shipping is always a flat rate of $8.00 on this website. Free shipping on orders $75 or more.

Perfect for showing off your legs and definity a classy finish.

The store is super busy but fun. If possible I recommend ordering a few pairs online and pick them up in person to save time and a few bucks. Make sure to bring your ID.

The whole experience is really cool. Make it an event with girlfriends, it will become a staple thing to do.

More colors are available online. 

1145 Wall Street Suit B
Los Angeles CA 90015
+1- 213- 774 - 9588
Office Hours
Monday - Sunday
9:30 AM - ^ PM (PST) 

Monday, June 13, 2016


Egyptian magic has been around for centuries. It's been known to have been Cleopatra's secret skin care formula.

Egyptian magic hit the main stream market in 1991. Today it is legendary and a go to product among many celebrities.

Egyptian Magic is super hydrating and can repair the skin from head to toe. Use as a moisturizer, lip balm, eye cream, hair mask and also works wonders on eczema and skin irritation.

This product is excellent for acne scares, burns, and turning back the signs of aging. Egyptian Magic should always be in your skin care regiment.

I swear by my staple skin care product Prevage. When I'm at home, running crazy errands, or my no make up days Egyptian Magic is my go to.

You don't have to buy expensive products if you use this. It has the best natural ingredient. I do recommend combining sunscreen if you're going to use this product during the day.

Natural Ingredients:
Olive Oil
Bee Pollen
Royal Jelly
Bee Propolis

I buy this product on Ebay. You can sometimes find it at Costco.
Price range from $15 to $40.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Dilussotrends has manage to get their hands on some rare Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

1 0f 28 Louis Vuitton King Of Prussia Shades

A must have if love louis Vuitton or rare unique fashions. No one will have these on at any event. Only 28 pairs ever made!

You can purchase these sunglasses as of now on

Or in the store
3601 A Magnolia Blvd 
Burbank CA 91505

If you want to stop by the store, make sure to call first. Hours varies. 

Friday, June 3, 2016


Creating a happy vortex in your life is extremely important. This world is filled with miserable people and tons of sociopaths.

Creating a happy vortex or what I like to call a "blocker" will help you to remain focused on you, your golds and your mental state. Understand people will plant seeds to make you over analyze and worry about things that wasn't even there because of their own insurcurties. 

Each morning I declare and make the discussion to be happy. I will say it takes a lot of discipline. No matter what disappointing news I here, getting a flat tire or a disagreement with someone. I take a deep breath and remember no one can penetrate my shield unless I allow them to. This is where the discipline comes in. Do not give any negativity any fucks. Let it slide off you like water on a ducks back. If a person keeps pushing for your reaction simply walk away if possible.

You can create different types of vortex. I have one for work, church and weirdos. I step into my vortex by meditating for a few mins and speak out loud with my words (because words create things) and I declare the outcome. It's very important you do this daily and at least 3 to 4 times each day.

There will be times you have to step out of your vortex to kindly put a person in their place. Consider it like going to the bathroom. After you've addressed the situation and only if it's unavoidable, take a few minutes to create a new vortex or step back in the one created earlier.

One day I was in my happy vortex and I saw a kid being abused. My self and a few good samaritans had to help out. We were so upset. Once I knew the kid was ok I went to my car, prayed and manifested his well being, I then stepped back into my vortex. That moment I needed to be protective and gangsta not happy happy joy joy vortexy.

I could not be in my vortex during that situation because I have trained my self to ignore things and become aloof and care free. Thats my vortex, yours might be different I like my vortex to not be so serious. Not even for work.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Couches and cancer means sitting around the house taking in all the toxics of reality shows, being on Instagram for hours and gossiping.

When I don't like something I pay it no attention. Meaning I don't click on it, talk about it or view the content.

Mother Teresa have said if you don't like something or believe in its views, give it no energy. People complain about the things they don't want, don't like or wish for certain circumstances to not happen. Have you ever just gave no fucks? The problem is you're giving to many fucks. Even some dogs have learned you can't chase after every dog that barks at them. Who cares on some of these topics. Magazines and bloggers get paid for you to care thats why an outrageous lie is so interesting to read about then someone giving back to a small village.

Did you know you can make yourself sick when you complain or gossip about people. It is a known fact in the law of attraction. What you put out, speak about and manifest in your thoughts it will come back to you ten times fold. Your words and thoughts creates things.

I have a sister who would gossip about our family. My sister became so sick with a disease in her body. After some realization she finally figured out that her life was becoming short because of the energy she was putting out. My sister changed what she viewed and spoke and is now one of the most nicest people you'll ever met but it took her to understand she was creating the cancer in her body. Now she is alive and positive in every aspect of her life.

Finish your life strong. Have the power to ignore many things. You'll be surprised how long you'll live drama and gossip free.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Magnolia Bark has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to address anxiety, depression, the nervous system and used as a sleep aid for restless leg syndrome.

I have tried a few things to help me sleep at night such as tea, nyquil and medications prescribed by my doctor. I wanted a more natural remedy to help me sleep. After doing some research I discovery that Magnolia Bark not only help with allowing me to sleep throughout the night but was fantastic with dealing with my anxiety.

The natural ingredient is honkiol. A compound found in bark. Magnolia Bark is an add on of what I believe should be added with breathing exercises, good clean eating and life style changes.

I use Magnolia Bark 30 mins before bed to relax so I can comfortably and naturally go to bed. Magnolia Bark does not has the side effects of any other sleep aid and won't leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

I purchase my Magnolia Bark on Ebay.
Seller: wombat78 (two bottles for $9.29, free shipping, 60 capsules each bottle)