Friday, September 2, 2016


How to get a grease stain out of any clothing is really easy.

Here are the step and things you will need.

Items Needed:
A piece of white chalk.
A warm towel.


Rub a piece of white chalk unto the damage area.
Let sit for ten minutes.
Wipe away with a warm towel.

If the stain has not gone away just repeat until is does.

Do you know a better way? If so please leave a comment and share.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Is it ok to break up with a friend? Yes!

No matter how long you've known someone or have ties to them, if someone is giving you anxiety by being overly opinionated on how you should do things or the way you live, then maybe it's time to break up with that person. It does not have to be a dramatic or a crazy break up. It's ok to move in a different direction. Being happy and stress free should be your number one priority.

I'm a virgo. One of our traits is not letting go of people sooner even when we know we should.

There has been many guys and girls that I've kept around in my life knowing I should have let go a long time ago. As I get older and wiser its easier for me to notice things. I have always had a strong intuition about people but why don't I listen to it?

Am I afraid of conflict? Am I afraid to be alone? What is it?

I like to weigh out the pros and cons with relationships I have with friends. If the cons are higher then the pros, then that relationship must go!

I believe it's easier for some guys because they are less emotional. With myself and some women we tend to treat it like a break up with our man and we know how that can be difficult.

I have a friend who is always questioning whats happening in my life. "When will you and your man move in together", "When are you guys getting married"And "Why do you do so much for him". It's annoying, gives me anxiety and pisses me off. I realize most people are just miserable themselves and just asking like it's a score card for them.

You don't have to make a speech. Become busy and when a friend ask a question you don't like or care to answer, simply tell that person you have to go. Walk away, end the phone conversation, or ask them why do they want to know?

Are you that Person and don't know it? 

Vent below and tell me how you handle your situation with a person you need to break up with.
Remember It's ok to break up with a friend.