Monday, November 7, 2016


The different shades of poop can tell you whats going on with your body.

Shades of poop:

Brown: You're fine. Poop is naturally brown due to the bile produced in your liver.

Green: Food may be moving through your large intestine too quickly. Or you could have eaten lots of green leafy veggies, or green food colouring.

Yellow: Greasy, foul-smelling yellow poop indicates excess fat, which could be due to a malabsorption disorder like cellar disease.

Black: It could mean that you're leading internally due to ulcer or cancer. Some vitamins containing iron or bismuth subsalicylate could cause black poop too. Pay attention if it's sticky and see a doctor if you're worried.

Light-colored, white or clay-colored: If it's not what you're normally seeing, it could mean a bile duct obstruction. Some meds could cause this too. See a doctor.

Blood-stained or Red: Blood in your poop could be a symptom of cancer. Always see a doctor right away if you find a blood in your stool.

Your poop color can be determined by the food you just ate. If you continues to have an odd color, see a doctor right away.

What causes you to have discolor poop? Did you have to see a doctor or did it go away? Leave a comment below. 

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