Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I had a Ethiopian girlfriend with naturally curly hair. At the time I was wearing curly hair extensions the same pattern as her hair.  I had express to her that my curls weren't defined and always dry.

My friend suggested that I use the As I Am Coconut Co-Wash. I tell you she made such a big deal about it the whole afternoon, I had to stop by a Sally's and pick up a jar right away.

That night I could not wait to apply the As I Am Coconut cowash. The smell made me feel like I was in a spa and the texture felt normal. Not to heavy nor not to light.

I applied a generous amount while in the shower and left on for about 7 minutes then rinsed out.

I began to see a big difference right away. My curls were better then before an manageable.

I felt great at first. Then I notice my hair felt like I had left some product on so I rinsed a second time.

I had assumed by the second time majority of the product would be out and I made sure to rinse a little longer.

As I went throughout my day I could still feel the cowash in my hair. Every morning I did a light rinse until I felt it was getting dry again then around day seven I would add only a little of the cowash. 

I stop using it within three weeks. My hair felt way to sticky. I used the remaining rest of the jar on my stepson who is mixed after his swimming lessons. 

I don't recommend this product on coarse hair. It just doesn't rinse out well. In my opinion this is a product for very fine hair or someone who is mixed that washes their hair at least once a day. 

Do you use the As I Am Coconut CoWash? Comment below and share.

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