Monday, July 17, 2017


Beauty tip of the day.

I was skeptical before I tried the oil cleaning method, since my skin is oily and I wasn't sure it would work for me.

The basic idea of oil cleaning is to trick your skin to thinking it has already reproduced enough oil. One of the basic principals of chemistry with skin is that oil dissolves oil. 

Always use a natural organic oil. Simply apply one coat and massage into the skin then rinse. Apply a second coat, rinse twice and pat dry. You typically won't need to use a moisturizer after but if you're like me, I follow every wash with a toner then re-moisturize after. 

You will feel weird at first and might have a slight breakout the first week until your skin gets used to the new routine. 

Your skin will no longer feel dehydrated and won't over compensate. 

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