Friday, August 18, 2017


Yes, they're back! 😍 M.A.C Dazzleglass Lipgloss.

Mac Dazzleglass lip gloss has
some serious stay power, with it's high shine sparkly formula. Layer and match up with your favorite lipstick or wear alone.

I tried a sample at the MAC store at noon and I didn't realize it was still on at 8:00 PM that same evening. I talked on the phone, had a bottle water and ate a salad while on the go. No it wasn't video vixen ready, but you could see I had on lip gloss. I went back the next day and purchased a tube.

Moth To Flame

I love wearing it in the steam room at the gym. It's just the right amount of thick to make my lips feel hydrated.

A lip gloss like this would be perfect for winter.

Price: $17.00
Brand: MAC
Color: Moth To Flame

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  1. Yeah, I use lip gloss regularly and you're right - it's perfect for winter.I use it mostly during winter.