Tuesday, August 15, 2017


NYX Blotting Paper

What is blotting paper?

Blotting paper is a highly absorbent type of thin sheer paper that absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine without disturbing your makeup. It can also be used to set makeup. (There are many other types of blotting paper, for different uses but for this pacific post, I am referring to makeup blotting paper)

Right now I am into the four different types of blotting paper by NYX Cosmectics. I frequently travel and blotting paper helps my skin adjust with different climates. I also switch the type of blotting paper depending on the weather so I keep my options open by keeping all four in my purse.

 Each pack is good for up to 24 months once opened so use theses babies up.

NYX Blotting Paper

 1. NXY Green Tea Blotting Paper -  Helps neutralize against harmful free radicals and creates a barrier. Also delays age spot and sun damage. Contains 100 sheets


2. NXY Fresh Face Blotting Paper - Perfect if you have no real skin issues and just need to refresh your make up throughout the day.  You will have to use two to three sheets to achieve a matt finish. Contains 100 sheets. 

3. NYX Tea Tree Blotting Paper - Helps with drying out pimples and soothes acne. Contains 100 sheets.

4. NYX Matte Blotting Paper - Great for touch ups. Leaves a nice clean finish. Contains 50 sheets

Each blotting paper has it advantages but I do think the price is a little high. You could go through a few sheets a day depending on the level of oil with your skin.

Blotting papers are easier then blotting powder and more convenient. The price range from $3.99 to $5.99 each depending on where you purchase them from.

Norstrom's Rack

Comment below and share your favorite NYX blotting paper or if you have any questions. 

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  1. I've used NXY Fresh Face Blotting Paper for a while now. It's really great. Before now my makeup doesn't last long at all due to excessive oil. But this blotting paper has changed the story. I don't really know about the other blotting papers listed here but NXY Fresh Face Blotting Paper is awesome.